The Wallflower & The Alphas The Wallflower & The Alphas

The Wallflower & The Alphas

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Addison Winters
"Stop! "Avery" I heard a deep manly voice behind me. So, I ran away with tears running down my cheeks. I want to die! "Please," sweetheart." I heard him again getting closer to me. I started speeding up my pace. That when I heard him running towards me. I shook my head, kept on walking away from him. No! I wanted him to leave me alone. That when I felt his hand on my shoulder and he turned me around to face him. Do, you know who grab me? Yes, you guessed it, Elijah Wood! The most beautiful badass Alpha my crush and my mate in Clairsville Virginia. I want the night to disappear and turn back in time. Two months ago... Before I found out I had a mate? Or anyone paid attention to the wallflower in the school. That would be me? We were having a wonderful time tonight until I heard something that rips my heart out. Three words! "Bet!!! I won!" Do you want to know how? You guess it, Elijah Wood said it out of his own mouth. I should have known it! But my heart didn't want to listen! Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy. They used to little and they were friends, but one day everything changed when the little boy become mean to the little girl it's not been the same again with them until she founds out she special with something no other werewolves and witch. Because Avery does not have one mate but two! More
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