| Ongoing
(MATURE CONTENT) MALDITO was ruled by Gods and passed down to werewolfs. Jealousy brought about the creation of Vimdraolf, the only werewolf with two other beast living in him, Created to be a dog to the witches protecting them in a world against their survival. But his betrayal will lead to a great war, who can stop ten thousand witches determined to take revenge on those that swept out their sisters off the earth. Not even Zeus can stop them. She shall die, mark my words, Esmeralda shall die. She will take on herself the innocent bloods spilled by the hands of her mate, she shall drown in the tears of the thousands Witches burnt over the century. My sister's shall resurrect and have their vengeance, and in the end Esmeralda Shall be sacrifice. Those are promise I Amargo supreme witch make to you this day. You shall mourn your daughter, your tears shall be endless like the stream. She will die in the hands of her mate right before your very eyes. More
2023-06-08 03:37