Triple Threat Triple Threat

Triple Threat

| Completed
Peyton Iuga
This is the Third Book of My Lycan but it can be read as a stand alone. Chase and Colt Evans twins are the future Alphas of their pack. They are being raised by their mother and father appreciating life and making sure they value everyone the same way. The twins are living their teenage years as any other teenager, but They are hiding a secret, a secret that only a hand full of people know. Their secret can make them lose their position of power in their pack and most importantly, their Mate. Arya Silver is an irreverent werewolf and she is being trained to kill, her father James Evans is making her an indestructible war machine. Arya is surrounded by lies and treason, will she be able to continue the lifestyle was planned out for her or will she join the twins fighting for equality? Will she allow herself to love or will she keep her eyes on the prize? More
Chapter 20 Where I am
2023-01-31 00:04