One Night, Two Babies One Night, Two Babies

One Night, Two Babies

| Ongoing
Liz Pinelis
Five years ago, the Powell family fell into ruin. Madeline gave birth to twin boys; she left one to the child's father and took the other away. Years passed. Madeline came back as the Internet's reigning queen of public opinion. However, somebody else caught wind of her return. The man pinched her by the chin and sneered coldly, "Since you're dying to shoot something, how about we film something together?" Madeline's eyes widened and her throat went dry. The following day, she saw a little boy who looked exactly like her son inside the man's house. Madeline couldn't help but throw her arms around the boy. She even kissed the boy's plump cheek. Surprisingly, the boy was not happy. He put on a solemn expression and scolded her, "Behave yourself!" Madeline was peeved. How could that man have made her boy as unlovable as he was? More
Chapter 517 Double Wedding
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