Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker

| Ongoing
Cynthia Clinton
The first time they met. Lauren said with a straight face, "Mr Miller, take off your pants please.” Victor's eyes darkened, "Why?” Lauren answered, “s****l function check. I need to see if the wounds on your legs have gone up to your...” Before she could finish her sentence, Victor interrupted coldly, “No need for that!” “All right.” Lauren cast a glance at him and nodded. Victor thought this checkup would finally be over. But the next second, he saw that damn woman writing something on his file -- Suspected s****l Dysfunction! ... After they became lovers. Victor thrust his huge hardness deep into her warm and sensitive secret garden and began pounding harder and harder. Lauren couldn't stop trembling and moaning. “Victor...You've gone too deep...” Victor nibbled her ear and asked in a husky voice, “Do you still think I have s****l dysfunction now, Dr Lauren?” “Aargh...” Laura couldn't utter anything except groaning. Her mind was shattering. She was completely lost in the exhilarating pleasure Victor brought her. *** Lauren happened to find out her fiancé, Michael was having an affair with her stepsister, but her father, the alpha of the Fullmoon Tribe took her stepsister's side. He even asked Lauren to cancel the engagement and let her sister marry Michael. Lauren was furious and left home. But then she met alpha Victor, who was also betrayed just like her, in the hospital she worked. This alpha was once very powerful but then he was attacked by the Dark Enchantress in a battle. He not only lost his wolf but also couldn't walk anymore and Lauren suddenly became his private doctor and his personal caretaker. During their time together, Lauren found out Victor wasn't as cold and ruthless as the rumors said and was actually pretty kind and warm. So she decided she would use her special power to help Victor find his wolf back. In the meantime, Lauren's vicious stepsister, Janice and her mother wanted to come at Lauren again and Lauren decided to fight back! How would Lauren take her revenge on her evil stepmother and stepsister? How would Lauren and Victor heal each other? And how would Victor treat Lauren after he discovered her special power? Would he imprison her...or protect her? More
CHAPTER 187 Lost
2023-09-21 20:31