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Authoress Rhema
Her name is Xia Meilin, just a mention of her name makes demons tremble, in the Ouze palace, she's the crown princess, she's both the queen and king favorite. As a powerful and young supernatural, she's 1625 years old, she's the definition of true beauty, her beauty is one of a kind, charming, alluring, she's just everyone's choice and role model. For this very reasons caused hatred, jealousy, despise between her and her very sisters, it made her sisters conspired with the demons in learning the dark spell and putting Meilin to an end. Yes it worked, they successfully banished their sister out of the kingdom through the help of dark magic. She was banished and was pronounced never to come back till she does the forbidden. Xia Meilin was sent to where no one knows about, her spirit now roams about as a dark blue smoke, looking for a way it can come back and seek revenge. Now the question is, what will happen now?, Will she be able to come back?? Will she be able to take her revenge and wait, what is the forbidden?? Where was she sent too?? So many questions but find the answers as you read. More
Chapter 21 EP 30&31
2022-11-05 06:51