Caged Between The Alpha And The Vampire Caged Between The Alpha And The Vampire

Caged Between The Alpha And The Vampire

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He loved her, but her heart belonged to another… When Lucien’s bride died in his arms centuries ago, he wanted to end his own life by going out into the sun, but he stayed alive, waiting for the day she would be reborn. He had loved her for years, decades, centuries and he waited for her to return, but when his prayers were finally answered, she was born not as a human, but as an Omega mated to an Alpha King with no memory of who he was or why he was by her side. Nivera Hayes, a lowly Omega has always believed she is possessed due to the fact that she dreams of a vampire every night and calls out his name in her sleep. She alas finds favour in the eyes of the Moon Goddess as she is mated to the Alpha King. Lucien is always there when she needs him, but she falls deeply in love with Alpha Tyler even though he greatly despises her. Alpha King, Tyler Jefferson hates the Omega whom he has been mated with and wastes no time in rejecting her, but as she slowly drifts apart, his heart begins to feel something different. He would do anything to have her, especially if it means getting rid of the vampire he has never been fond of. Luckily for him, he knows he has always been her first choice. When Nivera makes her choice, whose heart would she decide to break? More
Chapter 46
2023-07-17 05:11